and Seminars

1. Body Talks

( A guided meditation that helps develop a better mind, body and soul connection )

2. Crystal Healing

(Focused on cleansing and balancing the energies in our aura and chakras)

3. Meditation on Twin Hearts

( 21 minutes meditation that can take care of your 24 hours )

4. Stress can go now

( Learning some quick, simple, easy to apply techniques to release stress and be more active and productive )

5. Prosperity and Abundance

(Revealing secrets of energy and how it can make you more abundant in every area of your life)

6. Cellular Healing

(If you have any past trauma, past memories, negative situations, pain, suffering that you need freedom for)

7. Super Human Project

(How to be the best version of yourself)

8. Better Relationships = Better Life

(Designed to help individuals strengthen their relationships with themselves and people around)

9. Secrets For Longevity and Youthfulness

( Combination of well researched physical and breathing techniques that help you to stay young, vibrant and healthy! )

10. Reconnect with the Soul

(Experience your true nature and feel the transformation it brings in your lives)